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Treatment Approach

Dr. Fruchtbaum utilizes a holistic therapeutic approach which includes, but not limited to, psycho-education, modeling, principles of CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) and EMDR.  These approaches help patients identify triggers to their anxiety in addition to negative thoughts and beliefs they hold which are creating and maintaining their distress.   


She also focuses on increasing client's awareness of reactivity to situations and helps to develop effective communication patterns. She uses principles of exposure and prevention therapy in treatment of trauma, in addition to principles of existential and positive psychology.


At a basic level, Dr. Fruchtbaum believes there is inherent value in increasing self-awareness and self-acceptance. As clients come to a deeper appreciation for how their personal history can affect their current feelings, motivations, and relationships, they often are better able to make well-informed decisions about how to live a happier, healthier and more productive life. 

Patient Reviews

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